Welcome aboard the Relation(ship)!  

This blog was created to serve as an entertaining, meaningful and connective community space in which contributors and readers exchange thoughts, anecdotes and reflections on the human experience of intimate relationships.  The blog is currently hosted by two administrators that will both contribute content and receive and review community member content. In the review process, the administrators will screen submissions based on the following criteria:

Blog posts must:

  1.  Be non-identifying (you must not use names or information that would reveal the identity of a person who has not given the author consent)
  2. Be respectful
  3. Use appropriate spelling and conventions (we may edit your posts for you to ensure high linquistic quality without altering the content)
  4. Promote and serve the cause of helping one another navigate the multiverse of human connection through shared stories, ideas and resources
  5. Honor the infinite variety of human relationships in the multiverse (the administrators both identify as cisgender straight persons, but the hope is that the blog encompasses as many kinds of relationships as possible, particularly non-heteronormative relationships).

Blog posts may:

  1. Be humorous (we encourage this)
  2. Be sentimental (also wonderful)
  3. Include links to resources that connect thematically to the post’s content (e.g. links to poetry, videos, songs, literature, psychology or sociology resources, etc.)
  4. Include images to enhance content

We are delighted to have your readership and/or contribution, and look forward to many adventures in the ever-expanding relationship multi-verse with you on board.


What has been your experience?

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