Craving more? Below will be a growing list of WordPress colleagues exploring similar issues as the SS Relation(ship)!

Poly, poly, poly advice! Three individuals discuss how polyamorous relationships work within their own marriages: Poly In The Cities

For unsparing candor, fervor, and courage: THENARCISSISTWRITES

For failed, yet optimistic romance in the Big Apple: Everything but, sex in the city

Extremely funny, thoughtful, and well-written. Yet another drifter in the greatest city in the world: Single Guy in NYC

Approaching the dating world with humor and lightheartedness: Paul Thomas Bell

“A journey of self-discovery, cringe-worthy messages, heartbreak and dick pics.” This blog explores very real issues of sexuality and identity, and doesn’t only apply to online dating sites: Adventures in Online-Dating-Land



What has been your experience?

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