LOVE is Respect:

This valuable website aims to educate in order to protect humans from dating violence.  A great site to explore, especially if warning bells are going off in your head about someone you’re dating.  All relationships exist on a range of healthy to unhelathy. Where does yours fall?  Find out here.


Why I Call Her My ‘Partner’ and Not My ‘Girlfriend’  One person’s argument as to why the term ‘partner’ creates a more gender- and power-neutral relationship both within the partnership and through external perceptions.


Early warning signs for domestic violence: Feeling as though something may be off in the relationship? Don’t ignore your intuition. BeautyCares is a great resource for domestic violence and offers an insightful list of behaviors that could indicate early warning signs in an abusive relationship. Read the list and explore the rest of the site for excellent resources, support groups, and educational programs.



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