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Hi there. Name’s Captain Cadmium.  On behalf of myself and my esteemed co-pilot, Captain Crème, I wish to extend you the warmest of welcomes to the vessel that we hope will take us all higher than ever thought possible:  The SS Relation(ship).

The SS Relation(ship)’s a sturdy explorer built solid from stern to tail, able to cruise to the deepest depths and the furthest galaxies.  The crew of the Relation(ship) has been given this simple mission:  EXPLORE THE HUMAN HEART TO THE FULLEST.  To do that, we invite you to connect to other voyagers here by telling your dating and relating stories in respectful but honest ways.  Here, we define dating as an experience that involves communicating with another person in order to decide whether to draw closer to them emotionally, physically and/or psychologically.  This could ostensibly apply to all kinds of relationships, therefore we will not confine our explorations here to the romantic type.  Continue reading