Just came across this lovely little tidbit while watching Grey’s Anatomy season 6, episode 11 titled “Blink.” Bailey gets hit on by another attending and her response is gold. I wish I had this speech prepared for every time I get hit on inappropriately.



Fellow 20-somethings! Clinical psychologist Meg Jay urges us to take control of our lives in both our professional and intimate relationships. 20 is NOT the new 30. Our twenties are a critical point in adult development where we can use our youth and ambition to create the foundation for a better future. Now is the time to shape ourselves for the better. Let’s stop wasting it.



Dan Savage answers a reader’s question in this brilliant five minute video about what being ‘too picky’ in relationships might look like.  Have more dating deal-breakers than you can count on one hand?  You might need to consider paying the ‘price of admission,’ says Savage.



How we should really feel about ourselves/our bodies in and outside of relationships. A slam poem by Savannah Brown.



What has been your experience?

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